It was just like christmas...

Woke up and went down to Dartford after a sequence of cleansing showers to bust out some huge greasy spoon breakfast, though was a bit cramped and I ate half my body weight in meat. Awesome. Then, after grabbing more supplies, we headed back, and chilled with various rockband/guitar hero shenanigans, followed by Tracey cooking half of Iceland. Awesome. In fact I even sang on rock band, which might seem to you like "whatever dude" but it was actually quite a large progression in tackling my singing in public phobia. Whatever.

We ate, lots other people arrived, drink was drunk and soon we were opening Secret Santa gifts, I got awesome High School Musical lunch box with cookies in, and a Jennifer Love Hewitt mouse mat AND Top Gear annual, with a awesome personalised pillow case with Troy on it. Bonus points. Trev seemed to like his retrosexual man book, spiderman shooter as well as his antlers with bells on and bondage gag....

More merryment was had, and some fools started playing poker which lasted until the wee hours, one of the reasons why I don't like, because I get easily bored with repitition. Some excellent cheesecake (by Shing) and Christmas cake (by Tracey) was had, and I exploded all my insides everywhere because I ate half of Canada. Sleep was had after a late hour, after some poor TV show watching.


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