Caffeine Rambles #2

As I was saying, your mum shouldn't touch me there, I'd prefer it a bit lower/deeper (delete as appropriate). Further more, I had lunch paid for by the agent dude, so we went to ASK and I burnt my mouth subtly on lasagna. When eating with someone you don't know well in a restaurant, I find it hard to know where to look when talking to them, especially if they are male (obviously if they were female you stare longingly at their soft velvety lips, wishing for the 2 feet and trillions of atoms between you to collapse onto themselves, bringing you together in a beautifully exquisite embrace. Or just at their boobies *gigglepops*.)

I mean, looking them in the eyes gets creepy after a few seconds, so do you just look in eyes, look away, then back, then away. I dunno. I'm sure most people don't think about this. Anyway, free food! Whoop. BRB, out of coffee, if I lose my seat everyone dies.

Fool be trippin' off green tea y'all!

And falafel. Yes, so I can go travelling. But where to? I only have 10 days or something? I was looking at some wonders of the world lists. Athens and Rome sound good, but I'm not sure. Maybe would like to do them with people. Scandi? Bit expensive but would be awesome. Morocco? I might just search for weird and bizarre holidays. Fingers crossed I end up in a bondage castle. I saw it on Eurotrash one. I miss eurotrash. So anyway, suggestions please. My hair is cool today, but it needs a trim.


Unknown 9:56 pm  

I worry about how to look at people, both men and women. Staring into someone's eyes for too long seems like an invasion of privacy, or that you're exposing too much of yourself.

Ooh, Rome is pretty nifty. I spent two action-packed days there and was really rather impressed. If you have 10 days you could check out Florence, Pisa, maybe Milan...I'd say Venice too, because it's so damn beautiful, but possibly not under all that water :/

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