I'm already there...

Here is an example of how poor my wifi card is on my laptop. I'm currently in the Ritazza on exeter's campus (word up my raptors!), and I can see a wifi router but can't connect to it "well enough" to actually use the vast sprawling interwebs. However, my Nokia n810, which is only a bit bigger than the entire wifi card in my laptop, can not only connect correctly to it, but it can even detect another router my laptop doesn't even know exists. Maybe I should get a macbook.

Also Gemini FM sucks majorly. Argh scary man with an exeter FC scarf just came in and glared at me like I wasn't awesome or something. Lunatic (wasn't rex tho).

Okay, wait, turns out my nokia can't get the router to work either, but anyway, it's still better. Shut up ya mouth. Wait I got my laptop working, forgot to set automatic proxy settings, but now its asking for a uni username and password which I don't have..... Oh my God. I'm some sort of genius, I "hacked" around the password thingy, by pinging google.com, grabbing the ip, then just entering that. Though I can't do that for everything as it turns out my blog's ip goes to google as well, the fools. And other sites get screwed, but if you want to live within the Google domain, it be fine. *sighs* Though you can do the normal trick of translating a webpage from Chinese to English, and if you click cancel enough on the password screen it will eventually mostly load, without images. I wonder if numerous failed attempts will get noticed.

I remember how I got all my work done now, by sitting in this lovely cafe of ultimate concentration. The amount I'm blogging is phenomenal.


David Hulbert 5:23 pm  

Can you use the Google cache for all sites? What about the mobile proxy?


Beth Reid 9:57 pm  

'i'm already there'? - you've been watching too much x factor boiiii

Tommeh 5:19 pm  

I'll have u know I don't watch x-factor! that's a lyric from an Elected song, excellent band.

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