Jubilance in defeat

I'm in all sorts of moods and I'm not sure why. I don't really seem that generally happy. I'm happy in moment, whether insulting rex, drinking with peeps, etc, but general level just seems really low. I don't know if its the same old missing of traveling, suspecting that a life of working is a life wasted, or not knowing what I actually want. Now I have a job I should be more uplifted or excited, but everyone else seems more jubilant than me about it, even though it's a really good job. Luckily I'm enthusiastic in interviews. Maybe I'm just seeking attention, or I'm depressed at my lack of musical penmanship, or my perpetual laziness, or perpetual complaining about my laziness. Or my perpetual repetition. Who knows. Also the fact my blog is/was so far behind is getting me down a bit, which it shouldn't because it doesn't really matter and not many people check it these days. Just makes me feel fuzzy. And without it being up to date I can't write posts like this that pluck your heart strings, and touch your soul, even if its underage baby.

I'm also annoyed as I'm not as nice or kind as I used to be. I used to always be offering to do things, and giving things away and things, and now I just seem really terse and rubbish, and so many people are so awesome to me. It makes me emo.


Unknown 10:01 pm  

I haven't noticed you being rubbish? If it'd make you feel better though, you could lend out your duvet so that we all get to experience the awesomeness? :D

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