...if i knew that their mothers wouldn't cry

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL ON ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CIMG0935Was where we went today, unfortunately last night we may have had a drink or two, resulting in me feeling like someone had birthed me in a vat of toxic death. No matter, everywhere was packed so we met them in a wandering type area, and possibly had a quick beverageCIMG0946 and some food to help me relocate my brain focus. We then went into the chilly arena to see the much hyped, in my eyes, high school musical on ice tour. At the start there was some far to excited fool trying to make use dance and things, to a high school musical 3 song, which was cool, but no one could do efficiently do it as he taught us the whole dance, with about 40 moves in 1 go, at top speed. Though he got a cute girl to do it with him.

The main crux of the show was going through the first two high CIMG0941school musicals, which overall was good, great ice skating etc. However, most of the cast looked nothing like their on screen inspiration, and Troy didn't even have floppy hair, which was pretty foolish if you ask me. There was also a suspicious mobile phone related song. But I still enjoyed myself, and I got a cool wildcats flag, which made me happy.

Afterwards we celebrated Dan's forthcoming birthday, CIMG0950 starting out in bar HAHA, where we gave dan his FUCKING HUGE box of presents, that took up way too much room, but was awesome, I do infact have photos that I may or may not post on it at some point. For food we went to the Thai that we had frequented once or twice before, and got some meal deal of lunacy. We left pretty late, and for some reason we were the only car left and the guy was very confused why we were still there. Rex drove home, what with my alcohol content and everything.


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