I swear, I'll come through

How auspicious, as usual, Exeter is a treasure trove of lovely. There's now a CEX and a gamestation to peruse, and there's no visible sign of the credit crunch effect around here. Unless everyone is window shopping like me, though I did spend an entirely ludicrous amount of money on what can only be described as a herd of underwear products. I also obtained a strangely over VAT discounted charger for my overly sensual Nokia N810. With humourous packaging by Virgin.

As with my strange compulsion of hating carrying shopping around, I dropped my loot back at the car and reventured in to town, and it soon became clear exeter was the home of street performance. Things that I saw:

  • A roaming robot in the Harlequin Centre
  • A collection of real owls in the Harlequin Centre
  • A guitar driven orchestra
  • A brass band
  • A lone guitarist
  • A town's crier advertising some event in the Guild Hall with the Lord Mayor.
  • Another small musical act
  • A dijareedo man
  • A woolworths jammed with crazy shoppers and sparse stock
  • A large collection of tinsel draped bicycles.
  • Nearly every coffee shop except this one jammed.
  • Too many hot girls of undetermined legality
  • Many new locations of shops.
  • The swish new entrance to the underground passages that apparently didn't collapse during the work.
  • Up and down horses
No doubt I had something witty, humourous or observational to say, but I've forgotten amongst the caffeine rush. Hmm, turns out I was using my notepad back to front, so I viciously ripped loads of pags out that were job related. This is my crappy notepad I add, as it is small and portable.


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