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Feb 16th: HSM 3 comes out on DVD. Blam!

CIMG0877 We appear to have a 4-6 inch hole now in a kitchen, (not 10 inches as I originally remember), which appeared randomly one day. Odd. Needless to say I rang miss swallows, because I'm productive and excellent like that. She was rather too chirpy and wished me a happy crimbo in the thimbo. I was like "What? You are of the crazy persuasion!" to which she retorted "curse my Persian ancestory"

How often do Adobe have to update their frickin' products?!

Check out Anberlin: Cross between CKY and Lostprophets. Or actually like the old school band A, as Rex pointed out.CIMG0878

Want to race anywhere that google has mapped, check out this hammer in your brain, gammon on your train.

Panic attack. Nero doesn't work? Found this: ISOrecorder. Burns ISO's fine ass. Why are half my programs not in my start menu any more? Damn you bill gates and your devious sidekick, steve the pig.

Photograph Of Jesus by Laurie Hill - I want to work here! Sounds cool.

I also sorted our BT bill and High School Musical parking. Aren't I a useful member of society. Should that be 'an' or 'a'? Fuzz.


Anonymous 2:18 pm  

a useful member of society. And that google maps game blows big chunks

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