The blood in my legs, is starting to thaw

Sometimes its just nice to have a different bed, and a different shower, and a different european rave music club above your room.

There's a possible ghost with in the mirror as well, but only visible in my peripheral vision.

My final argument for getting a Desktop over a laptop, is the case study in the house, that out of the current 6 computers in the house, the two fastest/best are desktops, while the laptops trail behind like dilapidated dogs.

After trawling the high street like a drunk steamboat, I went round Claire and Dave's humble abode, and was treated to some extremely kind hospitality. Not only did they put up with my drivel, I played computer games with Dave while Claire prepared us an excellent prawn risotto. I like my friends, they are of the upmost awesome. We chatted a bit, more, then I let them get on with their lives, and I walked back to the hotel, through the coldest air known to man.


Unknown 9:48 pm  

A different bed? So you won't mind if we steal your duvet indefinitely then?

Yeah, if you see someone out of the corner of your eye in the mirror, it's because Doctor Who imprisoned the daughter of The Family in there for her crimes *nods*

*grumbles* Stupid laptop dying on me.

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