Caffeine Rambles #3

I'm desperately looking forward to Exeter this weekend, where I see Dan Dan Icelandic Dan's lecture, meet up with the AI homeys, including the G-man himself, but not Stu or Carlos. On the Sat I can see Claire and Dave, and then on the Sunday I can drink my rugged face off with the Stu I know and love. After which I'll meet up with Mr Drapier. HAW HAW. Good times. Though it does leave the house without a working laptop. Or Car.

Advice: If you ever book some rooms through LateRooms, and want to extend your stay, contact the hotel directly, they often still have room even if LR tell you they don't.

Hmmm, disappointingly I've run out of rambling and with an hour until I met Danu, I'm at a slight loss of what I should do. Maybe swapping music from Straylight Run to The Elected could possible help. But that will just encourage me to go to America. Ah well. I also have to walk around with a bright shiny purple bag with Tracey's present in. I also wrote a short poem for it:

To our celebratory Tracey,
To avoid gifts too racy,
or predictably of purple
enclosed is a pirate turtle

I'm quite excited that Dan will be waiting for me at the bar with 2 pints, and we'll be all professional like:

"Hello my old chum"
"Ah, my friend, cracking day to invest some stocks"
"I concur, the market looks particularly peachy"
"Couldn't have expressed it better, how's the BumFun accounts?"
"Dire I'm afraid, but I've rerouted power to the auxillery hooker factory"
"Make it so number one!"
"Rebranding concussion most likely"
"Oh FTSEing hell"

And so on. I'm sure you get the technicolour picture.

Joff reckons I need to do some exercise to prevent some form of Peter Petrelli explosion of frustration. Wouldn't mind picking up tennis again. I'm meant to help my mum take some dead bodies down the dump tomorrow, but I kinda want to catch up on my blog so 1) I can post this 2) I'm at peace before I storm the pearly gates of Exeter.

The RBS building across the street is very pretty, all glass with a glass lobby lift and palm trees. The trees aren't glass. I tried to ascertain if Dan works there, but I don't he knows himself where he works. Gonna wander->


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"Make it so number one!" Mmm, Star Trek.

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