witty, to shitty, in 5 minutes gritty

Aren't my witticisms still so witty?
My stick men emo and so pretty?
Is each post just a cognitive bore?
It's as if you don't love me no more.

Are my anecdotes too convoluted
Should my entire life be rebooted?
My hits have fallen through the floor
It's as if you don't love me no more

Does the orange clash with your eyes?
A lack of dog videos or recipes for pies?
Do you finally agree with the law
It's as if you don't love me no more

Am I always too far out of date?
Is there too much booty and poo to rate?
Is it because I went round you mother's house and explained about that time when we were both bored and got wacked out on acid, and begin creating a robot snail army using her vegetable collection, only to mistakenly use her recent ann summers order instead, which shook her to her core,
It's as if you don't love me no more
Love me no mooooooooorrrrrrreeeee
Owwooooo my arse is sore.

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