I wonder when, they'll come get me.....

Spent the evening with Shing, Boon and Saborna. Met up at exit 1, that no one but I could find, so eventually we got together, went to some crazy busy bar which was quite nice, then went to a "scary" bar, where we saw a guy with a cool scarf, dr who meets rupert the bear. Then we found a slug and lettuce, slid into an area partly reserved, and got a feast of platter, dips, chips etc. Awesome. Finally met up with Saborna's friends in a crazy bar called Bar 187 on Waldorf St, between Jerk City and Mr Jerk. Bar had bright red nets all over the walls, with lights hanging from the ceiling in nets as well. Pretty cool, and was just a door between those to fast food places. Surprisingly empty compared to everywhere else we had been that night, bit expensive, I had an Indian Runner, which was an absinthe based cocktail. Bottles of JD were 120 quid in there. Then tired.


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