Give me your flan

Didn't do much yesterday, until young Colin came (all over the place) and bought me dinner romantically as he was working in the excel centre, so we got curry from the Spice Ville/Villa. Pretty good, though Muskaan is definitely better, meatier keema naans to start with, and we all know how I like to gobble meat. *sigh* Got Far Cry 2 as well, very GTA like, though in some crazy country.

Today I got up at some silly hour, like 7am, so I could drive to Woking, where I picked up the legend who is Icelandic Dan. From there we bust out, towards skies of blue and suns of scorching death. Got into Exeter surprisingly early, at around 12.40, so we had time pop in to chat with Jacq before meeting up with Stu, Zena, and The G-Man, in the Ram, for a swift pint or two, followed by Gordy and I wibbling up to Dan's lecture. Seriously good times being with the homeys again. Dan's lecture was extremely good, and interesting, especially when he was acting out the various actions of units. Chatted with everson and the gang for a bit, before Dan and I invade Ed's room and caught up with him. Will try and get the Edmeister out sometime over the weekend.

Was shattered by this point, so dropped Dan off, in the rain, at his friends house, and got myself checked into the Breaside hotel, which seems extremely good. Munched down some Fish and Chips, then fell asleep fully clothed on my bed, my bad, sorry Dan!


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