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I appear to have spurious photos of stu on my camera, prancing around the Princessheyheyinthecoocay. This we can all establish was due to the frivolous amout of alcohol Stu and I both consumed on Sunday evening. Meeting up in the Impy at around 4.30 stank of error before we started, but this was soon strengthed with our large consumption of beer related merchandise. Namely lots of ales as the man made me look silly for ordering a lager, to which I replied, after being coaxed with various free samples, that I would indeed have a nice pint of cronwell please. Which to be fair wasn't too bad and led to a pedigree later, as well as the normal interspersals of lager and other hoppy goodies. By the end of the night, I was plastered, I rang Rex for an excessive period of time, gave away a pint of cider to a random girl I don't even remember, and then we decided the kebab shop was the greatest location for us next.

It wasn't. As I ate many unneccessary calories and fat and then wibbled home.

To wake today, in epic pain and drunkeness, and still had to get out for 10 am check out. And was then too drunk to actually drive home, so went into town, after consuming as much water as my soul could handle, utilise the public toilet in case I was going to throw up, and then sit on a sofa in Zavvi for an extended period of time. Not good. Next attempted fix was to have a hot chocolate in Ritazza and veg for a while. Eventually by 12.30 I decided was able to drive home, then had a horrendous drive back, where I still felt a bit shit, and roads were crap. Though I did have the greatest bacon roll ever.

On returning to london, I was destroyed by the traffic coming into Stratford, and to make matters worse, a HUGE truck/lorry rolled back onto the front of my car to a large amount of crunching. However, after much swearing, on my return to the house, Rex and I couldn't find any damage, apart from some dirt had been cleaned off. Well done car in conclusion. Time to play Star Wars Unleashed. Though Rex did make me eat some epically large curry from Muskaan, I got a Chicken Zerani, which was a two layer curry, and was extremely nice. Yum. I wrote a song:

Broccoli in the morning
Broccoli before noon
Broccoli as a warning
Of our impending doom


Beth Reid 9:56 pm  

ha was that the night i called you and i thought you needed a wee?! and you have farrrr too much time on your hands, how do you have the time to eat so much brocolli and stuff? xxxx

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