Ham it up, Park it Down

Well, I was bored of having XP on my laptop, and felt like I should do something l33t, which I hadn't done a short while, and Stu or someone showed me gOS, which is a sort of gui/Google gadgets blend, that sits on top of the Ubuntu linux distro. Needless to say it was pretty and cool, so I wiped my laptop and installed it. Very cool, though the internet on my laptop has gone slow and I can't work out why. Postcards kids.

While fiddling, I discovered that Wine can't run the latest version of iTunes for windows, so couldn't access my desktops iTunes Daap sharing thanks to their new encryption. So I decided to switch to Songbird, which I may have mentioned before, is an open source iTunes clone, developed in a similar manner to Firefox, i.e. there are extensions etc. Well its very good so I've swapped it for iTunes on both PCs. Unfortunately, it won't share over network, so I had to get the Firefly Daap server thing, which is alright, though cos of the slow net on my lappy I'm a bit confuzzled. Still. Whoop.


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