I think the worse thing you can realise at the end of the year, is if when talking to people, or if you are about to summerise it in general, you talk about what other people have done or achieved ("my sister graduated and my father won the naked flute wrestling kent edition") rather than be able to say firmly how you made 2007 your year. This year, I've:

  • Got a distinction in an Applied Artificial Intelligence masters.
  • Been on far too many holidays.
  • Proved I can travel alone, across a foreign country.
  • Rediscovered my love for books.
  • Annihilated large parts of my life with a resurgence in my game addiction.
  • Accepting my inner geek and met Jade Raymond with young Dan of icelandic fame.
The real question, however, is how I'm gonna make 2008 my year, and feel like I deserve to have existed in it. I really need to improve myself in some intellectual manner. Learn new skills. Etc. Obviously my large travel trip will help, perhaps ignite some foreign linguistic spark, though I never really enjoyed French or German. I have to stop being complacent in my past achievements to justify the laziness of the present, but also feel less harassed by constant badgering about what I'm going to do.

Looking at my 2007 resolutions I can categorically confirm I failed just about all of them, though I do think I'm enjoying life, when I'm not worrying I'm wasting it. But I'm still fatigued, my heart hates, I did ALL my work at the last minute (tho it worked?), I gave up on Project365, I procrastinated lots, I'm useless at the guitar, my room is a bomb site, and I ate far too much junk.

This year's resolutions? I'm not sure I'll make any specific ones, as it will just lead to a post similar to this next year where I bemoan my lack of motivation, laziness and general stupid hair. Though it might spur me on to do more stuff, so I'll just freestyle some out and see what happens:
  • Read more (classic) books.
  • Reduce my gaming.
  • Seek productivity in my every day life.
  • Keep healthy.
  • Increase my knowledge, whether it be computer based, language based or whatever.
  • Move out and get a damn job.


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