Well yes, that was a successful night and had a frickin' awesome time. Met the homeys down the Impy at 7, I got there a bit early, grabbing a table in my excitement, leading to Jacq having to save me from possible table nabbers. Soon Carlos, Ed and Laura arrived, and we drank jovially together. Stu, Kath, Dan, Zena and Robbie arrived a bit later, and we continued with consuming our lovely poison. Cutting a short story short, Laura, Ed, Robbie and I got quite plastered, though possibly me less so than them. Stu and Kath had to leave early, Robbie randomly started chatting to some crazy Scottish people at the bar, and continued our vague ramblings. At 1am the Imp shut, and Dan, Ed and I decided to continue the drinking extravaganza at the Angel, which Dan assured me was open. And it was.We drank more there, at a table with some weird dude on, I think he was weird anyway, Ed tried to jovially make me do a Phd, and I'm sure we had interesting conversations about drummers and guitarists. At 2am The Angel shut as well, and we all staggered off home, well mainly me and Ed. Most excellent.
All photos violently stolen from Carlos.


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