Oh hello there,

Yesterday, after the excellent gig, drinks and sleep, I got up early, at 7am, and drove home sexy style. By sexy style I mean I traversed the short distance in a reasonable time period, and was not to required to beat anyone senseless with any form of severed limb due to that person's irrational rain-induced behaviour. After faffing and the such like, caught the train up to London to meet up with Erika at Liverpool St Station, which is most pretty I add, even though I fail at inanimate object photography. I collected Erika's bang so she could rock out at the free Radiohead gig, and she didn't have to lug it all to Northern Ireland. Afterwards I frolicked with shing, slept and in the morning went to the vietnam embassy, which was surprisingly easy to utilise, and all fun. With the spare time I had, I went to St Pancras station to check out what all the chat was about. Turns out it wasn't that fantastic but I took some photos to save people the hassle of going there. At 1 I met up with young Maddie and we did the Ritazza thing. Then we did the Costa thing. Then we walked around london, westminster, downing street, et trafagler square. Twas most awesome to see her again, and fill myself with large amounts of caffeine. Even if it did rain upon our flowing locks luckily it turns out she's very likely going to move down amongst us southerners, woo!


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