Exeter, a city of Viewty

Even with a hangover, I went into town at 10.30, as my mum had already stormed in and I felt bad. I had a horrendously hungover conversation with crazy orange dude, who was also hungover, and pestering me about round-the-world travels. After preventing vomit occurring, I eventually chose a sexy cool fun, more on that later. I then utilised tescos BLT buying facilities, as well as a juice, and managed to keep them down in the pits of my poisoned stomach. I then met mother down by the Quay, watching some quite interesting free video about the history of Exeter. We then wandered along the river, cross over a bouncy bridge and then walked back along. I then showed her the delights of a wetherspoon Sunday Lunch, as well as a rhubarb, Bramley apple and ginger crumble. Very very nice, but I was extremely stuffed. We wandered around a bit and looked in a few shops ourselves.

In the evening I met up with young Stu again, and we grabbed a drink in the Firehouse before attacking the Vue to watch Alien Vs Predator: Requiem. It was most average, perhaps under par. We should have seen Sweeny Todd. Error.

Right, now the important information, I got an LG Viewty. *waits for shocked gasps* Yes, I know, an iphone rip off. Except it has modern features, i.e. it supports 3G, and has a 5 megapixel camera! The video is even 640x480, and can film at 120fps, which is most excellent. Most of the menus, texting etc are controlled by the touch screen just with your fingers. Text can be entered either via the normal number pad, a qwerty keyboard or with the help of an eyeliner style stylus, handwriting. The qwerty keyboard is by far the easiest and most efficient to use, even with my fat fat thumbs. Other features include an Organiser, Pdf reading capabilities, Divx playing, mp3 player, radio, Java, web browser, texting, phone calling and a clock. Oh and I have a fish on the front that follows my finger, it's very cute.


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