Saturday's child is a master in Applied Artificial Intelligence

Today I have mostly been graduating, which involved getting up early to be seated by 9.30am in the "Great Hall", but not after first having my mug shot being taken. The humourous section of this story is that, not only did I have stupidly long hair which doubled the hilarity of wearing a mortar board but my photographer was at a rather disadvantage. With surprising pre-planning I had my photo taken before hand, so the photo place was mostly empty, and hence there were 8 photographers available. I found it strange, then, that someone of my tall stature was assigned to a guy who was near dwarf (is that politically correct?) size. Not only could he not reach my mortar board to adjust it, but he had to fetch a tiny little box/step/stall because when he adjusted the camera for my height, he couldn't reach the button. Obviously it was mightily hard to keep a straight face, but it was all worth it, for a professionally created photo of me looking like a spaktard.

Afterwards I chilled with the crazy AI people, before entering the hall, and fucking shit up with Fluela. Unfortunately, Stu ruined the entire day for everyone but disrespecting the right honourable chancellor by not taking his hat off before approaching her. In a sane world, instant execution would have been a suitable punishment, luckily I have the incident here on (the worst quality) embedded video (ever):

After the ceremony I went to the Long Lounge, home of the crazy Tom and Dan "morning after the all nighter before" lunches, with my mommy, and we got some food. I think I got a greek salad. However, during the ordering of food, young Stu the constant hat wearer rang me to inform me of Ed and Richard's arrival. So I ran back down and was like "sup honkys". And although I never saw them on stage, apparently they were all there in their sensual (at least Richard's) robes. After lunch, I drove back home to shower and change out of my sexy get up and wandered into town to chat with a man made of Orange. The new Princesshey is pretty sexy, though just succeeds in increasing the already over-branded high streets branded shops.


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