Well hello

It would appear I'm not really sure what I've done this week, apart from let a nurse stab me twice on Tuesday, with vicious intent. And with Hepatitis B and Rabies. Man she was a cold hearted bitch, I fear these might turn into a recurrent theme. No matter, I also walked into Sta Travel and was like "Hey guy, stop hacking up my trip, here watch my smooth flows" and within no time at all I had a draft itinerary. Though I did crash their system with my aura. I need to sort out the details now, and Visas, which could be an issue. As I'm lazy as fudgetingle.

Has anyone written a secret blog/journal/diary of events that occurred to me before this blog really exploded into existence? because I sometimes cry, just a little emo tear, that I didn't start it sooner. Especially as my brain was slightly frazzled in the first year due to my excessive behaviour towards fascist dictatorships. If anyone has any memories at all, before, say, January 2005, please submit them to me on whatever medium you find to be the most erogenous. Except no more submissions of pork.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Erika, in the foolish assumption that I will be of some help in London. *laughs manically* this should be interesting.


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