Whispy and care free

A fragile part of me really wants other people to blog, so I have interesting prose to dwell over, but another part of me doesn't, cos it feels like a competition, and them stealing a tiny part of what makes me, me. Luckily, I don't feel "at competition with" Dan's blog, as his oozes style, and his writing far outclasses anything I could spurt anyway.

Do you think my blog lacks mesmerising colour? Photos? Jazziness? Should I have post-hardcore steampunk emotive music playing? If you answered yes to that last question, you can fuck right off and go back to your epileptic inducing myspace buddies. Anyway, I know words can be tiresome sometimes, as can the same photos of various London landmarks under different lighting conditions, but there's only so many decent photos I take, and stealing is just tacky.

I know that I have an extensive amount of crazy to catch up on, but I have vague notes, so it's fine, and the past few days I've done little except grind to a peaceful halt. I've sorted some more holiday/travelling related ideas, and discovered that Vancouver in 5 days is really pushing it. I've managed to choose a bus/tour operator in New Zealand (Magic), and am pondering cancelling my Oz Experience because if I take the Greyhound, not only will it be much cheaper but I can meet Claire and Louise easier. However, it costs like 75 quid to cancel, or at least I don't get that back out of the total I paid. That's what you get when you deal with hippies.

The Weepies kids, great band, especially their album Happiness. Go forth and check them out.


Unknown 4:45 am  

Hey, I'm going to NZ but I've booked with Kiwi Experience. Any reason u went for Magic?

Tommeh 5:08 am  

I've heard great things about the Kiwi Experience, so don't worry about it. Magic is a bit cheaper, and it's slightly less partying, which I can't afford to do all the time. You don't have to though, they're very similar, it all depends on the crowd you're with.

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