If like me, you're up at 4:21am

And happen to look at a Gmail account you forgot you had, that has been filled to brim with emails from monster.co.uk, porninyoureye.com, and various other suspicious websites, and you may have a similar version of OCD that means you hate having even one unread email in your inbox, then you'll want some form of l337 way to mark them all as unread. Unfortunately, as they fall off the edge of the page of gmail you can't just select unread emails.

My first stop was to the Gmail api to write some form of batch hacking program. This, I decided, was over-kill, and decided instead to use filters. Therefore, kids, here is my step by step guide to marking all your Gmail email's as read:

  1. Next to the Search The Web button at the top there is a link called Create a filter. Click it in the face.
  2. In the From text box type "@" without the quotes (or you can use "*").
  3. Click the Next Step button, then once the next screen shows, all your emails will be displayed below, or at least the first 20. It should say something like 1-20 of hundreds.
  4. Tick the check box marked Mark as read.
  5. Tick the check box marked Also apply to # conversations below.
  6. Click the Create Filter button.
  7. Now all of your emails have been marked as read.
  8. IMPORTANT: Now simple click delete next to the filter you have just created, it will most probably be at the bottom of your filters list, otherwise all your new emails will automatically be marked as read and your face will melt.
It's pretty simple, but what the poop. Take it or leave it or sell it to the highest bidder.


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