Exotic Reunions...

Drove down the ever twisting A303 to the gleeful town of Exeter and promptly swanned in looking dope as hell. Shafts of heavenly light illuminating the city, my heart fluttered for the city I once loved. Then I realised I still do dammit. After checking into a moderately nice hotel, at least by my standards, and parking in some form of wasteland I went to obtain my graduation gowns and then met young Stu, and saw his pretty office. He has sensual big widescreens, his own phone, and even a sofa. So we grabbed his gown, and then I stabbed him in Ritazza with a coffee and pizza, yummy yummy for my tummy, except the meat feast seemed to lack to feast part. Plus Gigi, Gina G, Gigolo, or whatever the coffee woman's name was didn't recognise my chiselled features. Curses.

Cruised back to Stu's hizzle, picked up young Kath from station, and then chilled momentarily with a John Smith's and the snooker. We then met young Carlos for a quick pint in the Vic before departing our separate ways and I crashed out ready for graduation in the morning.


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