After taking Erika to a slightly disappointing roast dinner as our usual place was out of Roast Beef?! we marched on to Canary Wharf, which as mentioned before I totally love. We walked around outside in the crazy wind for a while then went underground and to Starbucks to chill and chat. Spent a while there comparing countries and explaining all manner of English things, specifically the BBC, but I think we just succeeded in confusing Erika.

Rex then needed to scoot off, so we bid farewell and I took Erika, somehow, to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge without getting lost. Bonus points! Apparently I haven't seen the Tower of London properly before, whoa it's awesome and Tower Bridge is very very English, just how I like it. We wandered along the river, past the HMS belfast, and through to the London Dungeon, Southwark cathedral and then across London Bridge towards Bank. *continues to list places* Then we saw the Bank of England, walked along cheapside, to St Pauls, and wandered back along the river to Charing Cross where we grabbed some yummy Subway.

Afterwards it was sleepy time.



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