Live Fast, Die Ugly

After my exploit with the sleep fairy, I woke up at some silly time and met young Ruffle for our journey to London. Meeting Rex at the station, we invaded Shing's abode and set off on a house-location hunting extravaganza. First stop was West Ham, which we wandered through towards Stratford. Then up to Leyton and Leytonstone, which wasn't that nice. After returning to Stratford Centre, we realised it was most excellent with a spoons, goose and yates. Not that we're basing our decision just on public houses or anything.... Needless to say we went to the Goose for a beverage and cheap cheap lunch (Lasagne for 2.99!). After this we wandered to the station and grabbed the DLR to Canary Wharf, which is frickin' awesome! I'm sure I took some photos but it appears my phone is lying to me. They have a nice waterfall garden area which is most pretty, working there could be dope. Underneath are some awesome coffee places, restaurants and the such like. So, obviously, we went to caffe Nero, and fucked shit up. And by fucking shit up, I mean getting some coffee, apart from obviously ruffle, as he explodes on contact with caffeine.

After this we trundled back to Shing's, and she made dinner while Rex and I downloaded the internet that was related to houses in areas we like. Most areas we can't afford :(. Various people came over, most who I'd met before, and I like. Shing made AWESOME salmon, and potatoes and veg, very nice, followed by an incredible cheese cake. She's far too excellent at all these sort of things, though I was disappointed the salmon wasn't cooked in the dishwasher. We had a few beers and chilled with people, and watched some crazy half lesbian orgy between shing, izzy and Viv. Most excellent, then my hair got attention, luckily was deflected by viv's hair. Good times.

We then slept, I transferred my insomnia to Shing. But still had it. So we both lost out. Rex on the other hand mocked us both by sleeping. So we got naked and then shanked him in his sleep, but to no avail. One part of that may be a lie!


Unknown 2:20 am  

That it was to no avail?

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