Alcohol face party yes yes.

To follow up our day of English show-and-tell we found a very English Pub near Leicester square, or just behind it at least. Beer was had, mainly by me, and possibly young rex, and Erika become rather tipsy after a smirnoff ice and a shot of vodka. We stormed into the Yates, but decided the best bet for everyone was food, so unfortunately we went to Maccy D's, we destroyed my soul somewhat. Horrible stuff, and I ended up eating two burgers via some odd swapping with Erika. Onwards we strove, and unable to get into Yates again, we moved to the Spoons next door, where we drank some more.

Next stop was the Lloyds bar that we've gone to a few times but I can't remember it's exact name, but I quite like it. Randomly Erika started talking to various english people, and somehow found some peeps who knew Beth and James and were from orpington. It's a small world. One guy there reckoned he knew me from somewhere, but he was obviously crazed as I've never seen him and he doesn't go to Orpington as her and his mates "cause trouble" when they drink. After obviously thinking he was really cool and rock hard *rolls eyes* we bid them farewell and returned to our table for more drinkie poos, where Jon joined us in the poisoning of our souls.

Something occurred and we transferred the evening to Mean Fiddler, which had a pretty dope band on followed by the general music of alternative stuff. Erika was affectionate to all of the British race, especially Jon, I got lost trying to find the toilets, and at some point I remember us jumping with some random dude along to some music. Can't remember the music at all.

Afterwards I attempted to get meat and chips, which failed as they gave me strange kebab and chips, and it made us miss our bus *shakes fist*. We then all crash landed at Shing's for the night, and Erika fell asleep with her backpack still on!

Extremely fun evening, check out the photos fools.


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