Farewells and Care bears

I lied about the care bears. Sorry. I got told to do it.

Today was most excellent, during the day I think I did all manner of blogging and such intriguing mining prospects. In the evening I waddled to Guildford to meet a whole gang of fools. Meeting Alex at the station we wandered around aimlessly until after a slight prodding via Alex's telecommunications device we found our planned meeting point of a Lloyds bar and got some drinks in. Soon to arrive was James, Giles, and Henry, followed soon by all the girls in a most excitable manner (Claire, Katie, KT, Louise and Paiyel). We were jovial and drank merrily for a few hours, before KT, Katie and Paiyel had to go to bed as they are flying out at 6am to Rio de Janerio! Most excellent, goodbyes were said and we all trooped home.

Hopefully Claire will send me the cool photos she took and I can flirt with your vision.


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