Contradictory to popular belief, Jack Kerouac is not emo

I just got hypnotised by the tube. The gentle rocking as my eyes locked focus on another reality, misty in the glass. I sometimes think I should throw off the shackles of computing and become a full blown writer in some form, as I'm sure you're bored of being told. As someone once wrote, "for what is life but a constant struggle to minimalise regrets." Perhaps things are only regrets if something bad happens first. Also, what doubles the confusion is that a choice we take to reduce our total regrets, for instance

"I have to bungee jump or I will regret it later"

never takes into account what you might have done if you chose not to be so adventurous. I suspect I'm starting to realise why people say "have no regrets", which although a contradictory impossibility for the human condition, is a nice, dreamy ideal. Perhaps mankind's biggest strength is our combined weaknesses. As you may have guessed, I just finished the Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac, finally. And although as a book in its entirety, it is far too viscous to wade through elegantly, it has it's moments. I perhaps like the last two lines best:

"And I go home having lost her love.
And write this book."

I also randomly wrote another quote down which would suggest I should share it with you:

"still making no impression on my eager impressionable ready-to-create construct destroy and die brain"

well I liked it anyway. There's a button next to me labelled "smoke curtain release", and it's daring me to push it in quiet whispers....


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