If you hadn't guessed

I'm gonna do an all nighter, so I'm actually tired at say 9/10pm tomorrow night and can get a decent night's sleep where I wake up at 8.30am joyful and happy. Ready to look for potential house locations with the crew. And eat dishwasher salmon. Don't ask.

I fear I've neglected to tell you of some interesting occurrences in my life, mainly because none have happened, though Susie, my sat nav, did manage to drain my car of all it's life force. Which is why, yesterday, when I tried to start her, her my car not her my sat nav, she spluttered and failed to awaken in all her 1.6 litre glory. After a jump start, I had to leave her running for 30 min on the drive, and as this is Orpington I had to sit in there, luckily it gave me time to read more of the Subterraneans, which is quite a mind cluster fuck. I then drove for 30 minutes and returned triumphant, with a car that would again turn on.

Recently I've been playing far too much Rainbow 6 with Adam across the marvelous xbox live shazam, and we have killed many a terrorising foe. Luckily, Ad went back to work today, so I concentrated on more pressing tasks, such as trying to add photos to my ameriland blog. Jesus titty fucking stratocaster it takes a long time to do. I have to first sort out the best photos for the particular day, then resize, then find which blog posts to associate with them, wait for them to upload, mess around with the shoddy layout, which probably looks different on each computer and then fix all the spelling mistakes my firefox picks up. *grumbles*

Had a jolly nice conversation with Rex today about my traveling plans, and it's put my mind somewhat at rest about my time constraints and where I want to go. Now I just need Andy fucking C of Sta Travel victoria to get off his ass and communicate with me. But you probably don't care as this post has no pretty pictures or moving images. Pah, you fickle minded baboons, who shall be your Saviour when the day of reckoning comes? aye? aye? that's right. Craig David. Then you'll be sorry, he'll be all over your boing with reckless abandonment.

Well staying sane over the next 18 hours doesn't look likely. Good show.


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