The day I become organised

Except not in the morning as I failed to do much except browse through some travel brochures, making Shing's house my own. Excellent. Moving swiftly on, I strolled into Sta Travel to meet young Sam (of Sta Travel fame), and we got round to booking everything I wanted to do including:


February 7th: London Heathrow to Vancouver
February 12th: Vancouver to Los Angeles
Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji
February 26th: Nadi, Fiji to Auckland, NZ

March 23rd: Christchurch, NZ to Melbourne, OZ
April 30th: Cairns, OZ to Brisbane, OZ
Brisbane to Singapore
Overland: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Japan
August 7th: Tokyo Narita, Japan to London Heathrow

Also I got an OZ Experience coach device up from Melbourne to Cairns, which should be awesome. As well as that, I got a total trip device from Bangkok (Thailand) through Cambodia to Vietnam. Some very interesting places including the temples/tombs where Tomb Raider was filmed, as well as getting to stay with a local family. Whoop.

I then met Shing for some Ritazza in the bottom and went home quite chuffed, until rex destroyed my soul for buying a trip, but I'm down with it for now, tis the only one I going on, and save the hassle of cambodia.


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