Wetter than my soul

Today is extremely moist. It's horrendous, and to make matters worse the mean nurse stabbed me full of Hep B, Rabies and Japanese Euchieplghlaksdjhsaettious and then force fed me cholera. It tasted like fuzz. I returned home triumphantly full of disease, after I was monitored for 30 minutes in case my heart stopped and my brain swelled of course. I didn't, obviously I'm immortal.

I then set out on the 55 minute journey to brighton. Which took 5 hours, cos of the hippy roads being flooded by the gypsy rain, and then pikey fools, crashing their frickin' lorries into more fools. Eventually I arrived in brighton damn damn late, and me and dan dan icelandic dan rushed to the gig, where we just arrived in time for Hundred Reasons. Exceptionally good! I have the proof in the photographic form:


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