Beer in my face? Yes Please

Rex stormed round my house early, and we invaded London to meet young Danu. From there we filled up our souls with subway, then began on our livers with beer from a pub with the word Molly in it... Then we hit the Shakespeare for more drink, and the decided it was time to make our way to the sexy sexy Rileys. Where we met Shing, and started to shoot some pool with a highly expensive round of double JD and coke. Yum. We were mildly tipsy at this point, much to Colin's disgust when he turned up ready for some sexy sexy pool action. More jd and then a poor excuse for a beer later, we went off to find some food for our craving stomachs and so failed to get to the Basketball match we were tempted to go see. Colin went off to meet some crazy Canterbury people and we fucked shit up in KFC for a bit. It wasn't fantastic food, but it sufficed.
Shing then went off to do her crazy work, and we carried on drinking down varying pubs, mainly the Duke of York, then the crazy spoons, then the Camel. Though everyone was starting to lag even though Camel was quite perky and around 11pm we traversed to the station to head back. I got an excellent steak and guiness pasty that stank out the train, but we still got offered Marks and Sparks jaffa style cakes by a random dude. Rex and I finally made it back to mine, and rex proceeded to become sea sick by the air bed he was on. Excellent.


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