Saturday's London Mangle Mash

Met miss Erika slightly later than I was meant to due to forgetting the tube gets proper slashed up at weekends due to repair works. Our first plan of action was to find a memory card selling merchant for her camera, so naturally we tubed to Oxford Street. After wandering around slightly aimlessly, and grabbing some Maccy D's to compare it with America (and who surprisingly banned photos inside), we found that Boots was a shock supplier of such memory units. Afterwards we wandered around some, through Hyde Park, Green Park, to the Palace of Buckingham, St James' Park, and onward through horse guards and onto Westminster. My lack of knowledge about everything was quite blatant, even to the stage I talked to a police with an mp5 sub-machine style gun to ask what Horse Guards was *headdesk*. We chilled outside Buckingham palace for a while, and realised how small it actually is.

Westminster was once again amazing, and the weather was pretty for once. I always love Big Ben (St James' Tower/House of Parliament), possibly my favourite landmark, mainly because of the sheer lunacy of it being right next to the road, the river, the eye, the abbey and Tesco. And it's just beautiful. We strode across the river, via the help of Westminster bridge, and past the London Eye which was shut, and past crazy street performers back across the river along the golden jubilee bridge. Trafalgar square then popped up, and we marvelled at the lions (that aren't real) and watched crazy Russian people setting up some form of event, before walking past people giving out free hugs. Yay! Next Leicester square, which is less cool when it's not night time with loads of people and a fun fair in the middle. We then marched onwards to Covent Garden to meet the disastrous duo Rex and Shing, where we watched a guy climb a ladder with no support and juggle knives rather precariously.


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