As if you didn't have enough to worry about

what with your bionic leg playing up, the tangos up your foxtrot and your lack of culture. We now find us on another precipice of uncertainty, but this time, with something intangible and out of our mortal control. So sing Hallelujah brothers, for it appears that perhaps time itself could very well be slowing down. And so with which one day, our very fabric of existence shall be frozen with furious nothing, and benignment. But worry not! For the scientists have spoken! Hark, here their call, for perhaps two dimensions of time could explain our apparent loss of time, or perhaps this is a mangled product of media deintellification.

No worry, for the church of Far2Narf is here for all of you! Less you run cowering from these demons, or trailers for horror movies about teenage girls that have vaginas with teeth. What better way to slowly spend the infinite time of no time, than watching the best 19 movies of 2007 that this website suspects you haven't seen, though very well may have, but really should have seen.


Michael 7:06 pm  

Fear not brother Tommeh. I have seen one of the 19, namely the most truly awesome THE HOST. Let it dominate your soul....... NOW, or even NOW.

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