When drinking, don't drive. Don't even putt.

Haw Haw Haw. Wasn't that a funny. That I stole. Blatantly. From the Internet. Aren't I great. Take that generic deity of unspecified religion.

As you may have guessed from either that witty pun or the below SloMo video of us golfing - we went golfing. Pre-ball-to-club-sport, we got a harty breakfast in the Harvey, where they burnt my toast to a cinder, so I didn't eat it out of silent protest. Plus I wanted bread but Rex in all his ultimate evil didn't ask for it. We then met young Ruffle puff up at the Driving rage, where we "got our eye in" or in our terms, hit golf balls randomly all over the shop, at our own eyes, and at various pipes. Needless to say we had to get on with the 9 hole course we were doing, as from our previous experiences we needed all the time we could steal from the sun, before its nightly slumber. We spiced the day up by playing for money, 50p a hole don't you know. We're big spenders.

Personally, after an initial 2 holes of total disaster, my skill luck improved drastically, and I even got a Birdie on one hole. Ruff had far more skill than any of us, Danu had the crazy lunatic eyes, Rex had the persistence of a wallaby, and I had vast amounts of insane swirly luck. As from the pointlessly enclosed score card, we can see I won excellently, with 56, only 23 above par..... I also won the most money, £10, so that was £5.50 profit, excellent show. Although dan came third, the way our crazy money scoring system worked, he got the least money, and so lost £3.50 overall. Needless to say, after completion, and my celebratory jig, we went to the Harvey once more to have a nice huge roast dinner, before bidding farewell to each other in an emotional parting of ways.
There now exists, on these wandering, aimless tubes, a photo of me with Altaïr thanks to Sir Dan of Icelandic fame. Unfortunately, on this page is also my lack lustre attempt at taking a photo of the aforementioned Scandinavian one and Jade Raymond. My skills of focusing are similar to my skills of reversing time, and pro-actively achieving. Luckily, somehow Dan manages still to look cooler than I do in my photo, and her smile is far superior to the now hindsight ridden lackluste effort in my photo. Curse you Dan for inspiring her incredible smile. *shakes fist in jealous fury*


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