eels links up inside ya,

finding an entrance where they can
boring though your mind, through your tummy, through your anus..

Which reminded me of this interesting photoset on Flickr, of objects stuck in the asphalt of Brooklyn. Speaking of things being where they shouldn't be, check out this news article about a family that managed to build an illegal castle, hidden from view by a haystack..... For once the headline matched the article, however, more interesting headlines can be generated via the London Evening Standard Headline Generator, constructed from photos of the real headline boards outside newsagents. Once example: "Killer Breast will haunt Brown". Talking of killing, and epic battles, the mightiest fight ever to be recorded by the humble human was that between a Puppy and a surprisingly adept autonomous robot. If only Gordon Freeman, or perhaps his hilarious retarded brother could have come to the rescue:

The above video, is shockingly hilarious, and I nearly cacked my pants watching it. Anyway, moving swiftly on, if u like seeing slow motion skateboarders blown up, check this vid out as well. I suspect that's a bit of a link overload for now. More later you crazy crazy cats.


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