News Years Tom-Foolery

Apparently the eclectically wisened tortoise of time, drove the rampant motorised vehicle of destiny through the rusting gates of 2007, to reach the effervescent highway of debauchery, and exited at the newly constructed through road of 2008. To celebrate such an occasion we ate vast quantities of dead birds and consumed larger quantities of a liquid partially consisting of a substance that is poisonous to humans. Good show.

After a quick gaming session of Rainbow 6 with young Adam, via the wonders of xbox live, I met the fools round raffle's house to then go on to the Harvester in petts wood, where we luckily got 2 four tables right next to each other. So we had a guys and a girls table, and mocked their foolishness on many occasion. Food was good, beer was better, and was good fun.

We returned to Rachel's abode where drinking was had via the use of the game articulate, which was good fun, if my team was some what dense:

Tom: "It's the fear of small enclosed spaces"
Rex and Shing: "agoraphobia!",
Tom & Everyone else: *head desk*

Though we still came second, which was impressive as Rachel as near super-human powers for the game, even when she had Trev on her team. More drinking then ensued, and midnight came around very quickly, we watched big ben do it's stuff, checked out the fireworks outside, laughed at ruffle in his excellent mexican costume and then people began to get tired. A few more drinks and tidying up and we got to bed by about 2.30, which was impressive, though my eyes were hurting quite a bit. Good night, very enjoyable.


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