That's what she said

To make this awake time productive I have my laptop here on my bed, hoping my incessant typing isn't too loud for mum, and trying to catch up totally with my Ameriland blog. I found a 3 disc floor fillers album on this pc, and am currently listening to Black Box - Ride On Time (Massive Mix).... possibly.

Dammit, now I really wanna go clubbing. Kavos anyone? Man that was an incredible holiday. It was legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY! Barney rules. I'm starting to get annoyed with my hair tonight, and I'm starting to doubt this so called "plan" for staying up, as now I'm quite tired, at 6am. I just noticed the awesome scar on my ankle where rex stone cold stunned me on the rocks of feutaventura. Damn his ice cold heart.


Unknown 2:59 pm  

you should melt rexes hot heart with a cool island song, or wait.. melt his cool heart with a hot island song, argh no, cool his hot heart with a warm island song. argh shit.

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